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Lokal Japan is “creative,desgin,production and consulting company based in Osaka Japan.
We specialize in full support, design production and consulting in Japan, and re-branding and promotion of unique Japanese daily products.

Mission Statement

There are many original Japanese daily products that have not yet been introduced overseas.
Lokal Japan can help you to bring something new from Japan, to be re-branded for your local market!

If you want to know more about our unique services.
Please contact us at info@lokal.co.jp
more infomation coming soon!

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About Lokal Caravan Project/FAQ

Q:What is “L.C.P”?
A:Lokal Caravan Project was made to share unique, domestic Japanese products with the rest of the world.
Q:What kind of products is LPC sharing?
A:We share and promote original Japanese daily food products , as well as unique interior goods.
Q:If I find an original Japanese product that I want to import, can I change it and re-brand it for my lokal market?
A:Of course! LOKAL Japan will consult with you on how you would like to re-brand and promote your product. Changes to the package design and images will be no problem.
Other changes to the product itself, may or may not be possible.
After consultation we will be able suggest the best way for you.
Q:How can I import these products?
A:Existing products can be viewed and ordered through our online net shop.
Other new products requested can be ordered directly through our staff.
*If you find on original Japanese product that you want to import to your country, and have re-branded, please let us know!
Q:How will the products be delivered?
A:Small orders will be transfported by EMS airmail, and large orders by ship.
Q:How can I pay for my order?
A:Payments can be make through PAYPAL only at the moment,with credit card payments to be available in the near future.
Q:How can I get latest information about new products?
A:You can also check our latest infomation on our website and on Facebook.
Q:What kind of events do you have?
A:You can also check our events page on our website.
Q:What languages can we use?
A:You can use Japnese, English, French and Chinese at the moment. We will reply to you as soon as possible in your choice of language.
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